Dating an agoraphobic

When we do go out together I always tell him to choose what he is comfortable with, then he will get annoyed at me because I never say what I want to do.

Today I did give him a long list of things I would like to do and he got upset because he felt like I was pushing him (even though he pushed me to tell him).

Maybe if you made a list of the things u like to do and he does the same ye can compare them and try to find a middle somwhere in what hes able to do.

Take care I find there are only two ways for me to leave the house.I think u are wonderful if all partners family friends etc went to the extent you have gone to too support ur partner it wud be great so well done i hope he can see how much effort you have gone to too show ur support and understanding.There is also the chat room here where you could talk to others get some ideas and support for you aswell Were a friendly bunch so feel free to come to chat and also ur partner if he wud like.I've definitely used your suggestions and feel encouraged.Things are definitely improving already and he's doing so well.

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