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Our skin protects and supports our bodies and deserves the same level of protection and support from ongoing care with the best skin care products available.A simple skincare regimen based on beneficial ingredients enhances the healthy-looking radiance that comes from practicing the cornerstones of wellness.Or find us at a wide range of spas across the UK to experience an Aromatherapy treatment.Aromatherapy works to improve and balance you emotionally and physically and helping you to take time out, be mindful of ourselves by connecting to ourselves even for a moment.A super-rich face oil that reduces the appearance of fine lines, giving your skin a deep treatment, with anti-ageing oils of evening primrose and ximenia. Recommended for dry, dehydrated skin and for mature skin.Discover and experience our award-winning collections. From Skincare to Bath & Body, you'll find what your skin and body needs.And then we have a second-tier higher standard of about 500 ingredients that we don’t really want to see. Well, the other part, too, is we also are very, very picky about label claims. We’re going to branch out into our own brand and offer a lot more products with our own label. We are definitely focused on and really excited about the beauty category in general—facial care and cosmetics.And actually, that’s our preference—that brands go for the premium standard. If you claim you’re “organic,” you have to be certified organic. I love John Masters Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Milk. Those are my go-to treats, especially if they have a really good fragrance. The brand is called Lesser Evil, and it’s popcorn made with coconut oil, and it has Himalayan pink sea salt on it. We’ve had a lot of the same great brands for a really long time, so we’re really exploring some new brands that are out there.

Spa therapies are centered around the wellness benefits of natural ingredients, from muds to algae to essential oils.If you claim that the product does something, we want test results or clinical studies that back that. Alaffia, for example, is a big brand partner that we work with. I like to put it on anytime, but it’s especially good before bed. And Evan Healy products have the most amazing essential oils in them. You feel like you’ve gone to a spa every time you use it. On the flipside, what are your favorite in-office snacks? Customers know that we’ve vetted these products, but they really want to play with them and touch them and experience them in the store, so we want to enhance that experience for them. But what makes a product something we want to carry is we really want a brand to align with the values and mission that we have here. They source all of their shea butter from Togo, Africa. Place all ingredients in a small bowl and stir until combined. To apply, scoop out a dime-size amount with your finger. Whether it includes the best eye cream for wrinkles, hyaluronic acid serum, balancing toner or mineral-rich masque, we can help you create a simple daily regimen tailored to your specific skin type and lifestyle to help you achieve your healthiest-looking, most radiant skin from head to toe. Outer beauty is a reflection of the inner health and joy supported by simple wellness-based living.A healthy body is a nourished body – and skin is our body’s largest organ.

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